Friday, June 13, 2008

Staff and Children

The latest photos of the staff and children in the beautiful gardens of BFS.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our School

The children are learning both English and Thai language. They love their school and our latest project is to provide more books and equipment for the school.

Day Out

A trip to the local gardens, always creates a lot of fun.

Strawberry Picking

The children have a lot of fun in nature. it is the simple things like picking strawberries that makes them happy.


Angie is 5!
With 25 children and the staff, there are birthday parties nearly every week!

New Babies

Photographs of Wanida and the latest baby.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

BFS The Story so far....

Baan Fah Sigh-y Children’s Home (BFS)

Baan Fah Sigh-y Orphanage /Childrens Home is situated in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand in an area called Hot.
Baan Fah Sigh-y translates as the Home of “Blue Skies” and signifies the hope and beauty for the future lives of these children that follows the rains and grey skies of their past.
It has a capacity for 50 children.

How did it get started?

Phil Hohnen a missionary from the Gold Coast in Australia and his Thai wife Wanida are two passionate people whose hearts are filled with love for poor children. Their vision has always been to open an Orphange and to give back to the children of Thailand.

Sally had a synchronistic meeting with Wanida in 2001, when Wanida had an antique teak business and coffee shop. Sally initially started to support the cause by personal donations; however once she heard that the land had been purchased she set about raising funds to provide a well for clean water.
Sally was living in the UK at this time and decided that she too wanted to give back to the world and so left the UK and settled in Singapore and commenced raising funds for Baan Fah Sigh-y.

Through SoulCentre, Sally now raises funds for various projects to support BFS.

Fundings have supported the following projects; Staff accommodation / Laundry facilities/ Dormitory/ mothers at Risk homes/ Outdoor Kitchen Area/ Pre-School facilities.

Progress to Date
The orphanage opened its doors on 1st Nov 2002 and to date has 24 children.

The vision is to provide excellence in care. This means that for every 3 babies there needs to be one carer and at all times supervision needs must be first class.
Wanida works very closely with the social workers and I am pleased to say that the social workers rate BFS as exemplary. Wanida also had the vision to integrate the local hill tribes into the staff at BFS, providing excellent training, and so integrating a whole community with BFS.

How can you help?

S$30 will buy one baby a cot and mattress
S$15 will buy one baby milk for two weeks
S$18 will pay for an annual health check including medicine

Any contribution is welcome and every dollar goes directly to the children.

Love and Gratitude, Sally